We only need one power outlet, preferably close to where we are setting up at.

We need 1/2 down to save your date.

We use a combination of RGB (red green blue) and moving heads. We bring enough lighting to rock your event!

That is a tough one. We recommend you as our client trusting us to keep the dance floor poppin’ all night. Our DJs host events twice a week on average, year around. We know what it takes to read a crowd, gauge a response, and take pride in the years it’s taken to achieve this skill set. From time to time, and quite often, guests will approach us on stage, or behind our booth, with a song request they want to hear, but it may not be good for the entirety of the dance floor. We politely let them know that we’ll do our best to work it in. This is a decision that will benefit your party or event and has to be made by the DJ.  It is a tough job choosing the appropriate following track, mixing it in, having 3 minutes or less to do so, all the while communicating  to members of the audience about their request. Our job is to avoid dead air (meaning, silence or no music playing), make announcements, and keep the party going all night.

When guests approach us with a request, this sometimes aids in distraction and slows the flow down. That being said, we have no qualms with song requests, we just have to wear many hats throughout the night and keep a healthy balance between groove tracks, slow songs, nostalgic songs and the like.

If you choose to book us, we will give you a template to fill out. At the bottom, we ask that you give us 0-20 “must plays” so that we can learn your taste and create a custom night just for you. On the template, it is important that you send us the template with the absolute final changes. Any additional song changes made through emails, or phone calls may not be honored. This is due to the volume of events we host. We will rigidly follow the template the day of the wedding.

No. We are a professional company and will uphold a professional image while working. We take our job very seriously. This means no drinking, drug use of any kind, or any other foul play. Our hiring process is very stringent, and rigorous.

If you are over 30 miles outside of Memphis, we typically do charge a fee to travel to your event. $75 is our average rate, given a few circumstances and distance.

Jordan, TCE’s owner, has been featured in two national DJ magazines, hosted his own weekly block party, and has played all across the United States, internationally, and shared the stage with many national touring acts. He really does care about his clients needs and will do anything to ensure their happiness and the success of the event.

Tiger City Entertainment
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Memphis, TN