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Hi friend, thanks for stopping by! Whether you are planning a wedding, a birthday party, or a music festival, our team has done it all. We have a staff of professional DJs who pride themselves on packing a dance floor, giving exceptional customer service, and ensuring your night goes the way YOU want it. We have been serving the greater Memphis area for 8 years now and have expanded to Nashville. Check out our reviews and see why we are the #1 DJ company in Tennessee.

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This package includes:

  • 2,500 watt sound system (BOSE, QSC sound)
  • Full dance floor lighting
  • 55k songs
  • 2 microphones
  • Wireless lavalier (if needed)


  1. To accomplish the aforesaid purposes, and in mutual consideration of the obligations entered into under this contract, it is hereby agreed and between the said client and Tiger City Entertainment as follows:
  2. Tiger City Entertainment (hereby known as TCE) agrees to provide the client, for compensation certain entertainment services, which may include sound and light shows, background music, live entertainment, and master of ceremony functions to coordinate the event.
  3. TCE in lieu of such emergency situations, vehicle accident, vehicle breakdown, serious illness, life threatening situations, and/or in the case of natural disaster that hampers, delays, and/or halts DJ/entertainer for event may not exceed liability of services of total owed for the event. In such cases TCE may be forced to alternate and/or change qualified DJ/entertainer for such events. TCE reserves the right to make announcements and take photographs that may be conducive for the event.
  4. The client, in consideration for these services, agrees to pay TCE the deposit with the return of this agreement and the balance on the date of this event, unless otherwise agreed upon in this contract, requested by the client shall be due on the date of the engagement.
  5. Should client breach the terms of this agreement in any way, the client agrees that TCE will retain the total amount of the deposit as liquidated damages and is not a penalty. Liability of TCE shall not exceed deposit.
  6. TCE and its employees are allowed to take pictures during the said event for advertising, websites, etc.
  7. In lieu of TCE, alternate DJ/entertainer is authorized by terms of this agreement to collect the remaining balance owed to TCE to execute the terms of this agreement.
  8. Cancellations have to be made 180 days (6 months) prior to event or the remaining balance will be owed to TCE. TCE’s liability cannot exceed the cost of services rendered.
  9. The client agrees to pay TCE the balance due on the date said services are to be provided to the client by TCE. Should the client fail to do so, Client agrees to pay any and all fees associated with this agreement for collection of monies owed to artist. These fees can include, but not be limited to, 20% late fee for paying after the event, 30% collection fee to be paid to an authorized collection agency and all costs and fees associated with any legal action taken, including filing fees, lawyer fees, court costs, etc. Additional charges may apply for travel outside the Memphis Tennessee/Mid-South area. Once this agreement is signed, both parties are bound to the terms of this agreement.

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